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    The Prince and the Potter  (ISBN: 978-1-44012-402-0) is now available for purchase as a paperback or an e-book.
    The book can be purchased online from iUniverse, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and other booksellers. It is also available from Atma Ram & Sons, 1376, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi – 110006 (atmaram_books@hotmail.com).
    THE PRINCE AND THE POTTER is the tale of Prince Ananda’s journey to awakening. The story begins with Ananda enjoying a life of luxury and follows him as he departs from the palace to become a Buddhist monk in a forest monastery. Here he is brought under the tutelage of the wise abbot Kondanna, through whom he learns the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. But these teachings require him to leave the monastery in order to follow his own path to enlightenment. Along the way, he meets his soul mate, Anjali, and discovers his creative voice. The Prince and the Potter is at once insightful and entertaining, a must read for all who are embarking on the spiritual path.

    The Prince and the Potter is a concise but essential piece of literature that conveys the true insight of the dharma.”
    —Rev. Truong Thach Dhammo, abbot of Khmer Kampuchea Krom Buddhist Temple, and member of the Buddhist delegation to the United Nations

    The Prince and the Potter weaves the timeless wisdom of Buddhist philosophy into an imaginative dreamlike tale.”
    —Brian Henry, instructor, Ryerson University

    “The Prince and the Potter is an excellent book which effortlessly explains to the reader the main principles of Buddhism and how to embark on the spiritual path and/or seek enlightenment in ones life.I found the book extremely well written, very descriptive and really found myself understanding the characters well. Most of the books I’ve read on this and similar subjects are more like instruction manuals and far less interesting to read, often using very complicated terminology and jargon that I personally find difficult to follow.The Prince and the Potter has inspired me to read more on the subject. I do hope the author writes a sequel as I am eager to learn more!”
    –Joe Bourne’s review on Waterstone’s

    Prince and the Potter has now been translated into Hindi as Rajkumar aur Kumbhakar.  It is available from Atma Ram & Sons, 1376, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi – 110006.